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We are a large team of fully qualified Australian Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Natural Medicine Practitioners providing an Online TeleHealth Service, taking general questions from the public and offering FREE information and referrals for natural healing, recovery and treatment protocols.  Natural Healthcare Practitioners are here to support your role into health through diet, lifestyle, nutrients and herbs.

We can connect you to a qualified Natural Healthcare Practitioner, or a practitioner with a special interest in your field of need if requested. We can provide assistance, research, information and resources on evidence-based natural health medicine for many health conditions. We can also offer general tips on achieving and maintaining optimum health naturally and you can purchase specific meal plans, recipes and fact sheets or even request a tailor-made meal plan to suit your needs.

Our mission is to reach out to the public who are busy, often time-poor, and require naturopathic information, advice and support that is relative to their condition, symptoms or needs at the click of a button.  We would also appear attractive to those who do not wish to attend a clinic, and would prefer to obtain advice from a qualified practitioner in the comfort of their own home, office, car or even down the beach.

One of the most important and arduous tasks in our profession is to be able to reach out to those who are unable to afford consultations based in a private clinic, yet it is often these people who are most in need.  The costs involved in this process are unattainable particularly for the working class families, single parents and those who are struggling on welfare benefits.  Our ultimate mission is to be able to provide these people with low cost consultations, products and information by keeping the outgoing costs to a minimum and placing this subsidy back to the public and our customers.  We believe that everybody should be entitled to a high quality level of healthcare to support themselves and their family.

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Welcome to your journey into learning more about natural healing and natural medicine.

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We Teach Your Body To Treat Itself

Our goal is to educate and provide information to assist you with your own journey into health. Everybody is worthy of being considered unique and in a class of their own.

By eating natural wholefoods, you can teach your body to begin to heal itself
What you choose to do with your life everyday can change your direction in health
What you choose to think and how you choose to feel affects your level of health
Therapeutic levels of nutraceuticals can move blood levels and speed up biochemical reactions in the body

Frequently Asked Questions

The current system under which Natural Medicine Practitioners’ function in Australia is self-regulation, and one of the very few means by which the public can identify a properly qualified Natural Healthcare Practitioner is by their Provider Number, which is issued by the Private Health Insurance Funds.  You can call upon the practitioner’s provider number as a reassurance that the practitioner, whose advice and help you are seeking, is a properly qualified and professional Natural Healthcare Practitioner.  We ensure that all the practitioners in our establishment hold a Provider Number and we believe that creating a large organisation of qualified Natural Healthcare Practitioners in this way, the public can start to build trust with our profession.

Natural Medicine and Natural Healthcare Practitioners use a combination of diet, foods, herbs and nutraceuticals as well as lifestyle and mindset changes to help achieve the best outcome in health.

Orthodox medicine aims to treat the disease rather than the individual.  The alternative and holistic approach maintains the connection of the human being to its environment, both internal and external.  Orthodox medicine believes in a simple, one cause and one route disease state whereas alternative and holistic medicine purports a multi-factorial etiological model of disease. Simply put, stress causes disease and so does unclean water, heavily polluted air, poor processed food and a negative mindset.

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